R e v i e w s

Aïda, Opera Australia, September 2017

“Signalling what should be more big roles to come, soprano Anna-Louise Cole is exquisite in the title role as Aida…, depicting her with an affecting multi-dimensional spirit that captures everything from the gently feminine to the defiant and coercive.”

“Cole sings with highly attractive vocal richness, expression and poise while exhibiting an easy comfort across a broad range to elevate the demands on every account.”

“If there was just one moment to keep close in Cole’s performance, it would be the burning tenderness brought to Act 3’s Qui Radamès verra .. O patria mia / “Oh, my dear country!”, in which Aida waits for Radamès outside the Temple of Isis on the eve of his wedding to Amneris, daughter of the King of Egypt. The crowd acknowledged it enthusiastically.”

“In fact, Act 3’s entirety is a riveting and emotion-charged highlight both in direction and delivery, centring around Aida’s cornered heart that faces loyalty to her father Amonasro and love for Radamès.”

Paul Selar, The Opera Chaser, 1 October 2017



Thaïs, Opera Australia, July 2017

“Anna-Louise Cole and Anna Yun’s liquid mocking laughter at Athanael in the first act was delightful and richly deserved…”

Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 July 2017


“Anna-Louise Cole and Anna Yun were wonderful in the thankless roles of Thaïs’ fellow courtesans…”

Deen Hamaker, Sounds Like Sydney, July 2017



The Melbourne Ring, Opera Australia, November – December 2016

“The local cast provided, among others, splendid Rhinemaidens, Valkyries and Norns (note the name Anna-Louise Cole, an exceptional young soprano)…”

Deborah Jones, Opera magazine UK, February 2017

“As the three Norns, Tania Ferris, Jacqueline Dark and Anna-Louise Cole sewed up an ominous start with nurturing vocal care with Cole’s gleaming soprano projecting superbly in particular…

Paul Selar, Herald Sun, 29 November 2016 (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/arts/review-gotterdammerung-is-a-fitting-finale-to-richard-wagners-epic-16hour-ring-cycle/news-story/7883cd3f4aeae4dcf0795f3d65a2b0a1)

“Tania Ferris, Jacqueline Dark and Anna-Louise Cole begin the evening’s musical splendour with gentle, sweet singing as the Norns gossip away their workday…Emerging soprano Cole portends a promising future, delivering luscious golden tones.”

Simon Parris, Man in Chair, 29 November 2016 (https://simonparrismaninchair.com/2016/11/29/opera-australia-gotterdammerung-review-melbourne-ring-cycle-2016/)

“The Norns are nearly as successful… Anna-Louise Cole reveals a Wagnerian soprano to be reckoned with as Third Norn”

Clive Paget, Limelight, 29 November 2016 (http://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/live-reviews/review-gotterdammerung-opera-australia#sthash.COfeOvgd.dpuf)

“Amidst a war-weary looking press of humanity trudging on the revolving stage Neil Armfield had fallen heroes laid low then Valkyries descend from trapezes to collect them. Of the eight Valkyries it is difficult to single out any for special mention since they all sang well and acted with fiery conviction. It was, however, particularly exciting to hear the next generation of Australian singers make such a favourable impression; Anna-Louise Cole for one is definitely a new talent to watch further.”

Heather Leviston, Classic Melbourne, 3 December 2016 (http://www.classicmelbourne.com.au/reviews/ring-die-walkure/)


Tosca – Sydney Independent Opera / Opera Van Diemensland, September 2015

“Anna-Louise Cole’s beautiful soprano voice brings vibrant anguish to this cunningly staged production of Puccini’s story about love, jealousy, gloating lust and violent retribution. The theatre resonates with the carefully controlled notes that ring of her obvious passion for her art and her wide training and experience. From her very first aria, where jealousy fights against love and devotion, to the desolate grief of the finale, Cole gives a thrilling performance.”

Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers,  9 October 2015 (http://www.stagewhispers.com.au/reviews/tosca-5)

“Cole sang Vissi’ d’arte with poise and elegance, and she is no doubt a talented singer with a large voice which was possibly too large for the Independent Theatre with its extremely resonant acoustic … overall this was a very good performance.”

Eliza Eggler, Australian Stage, 15 October 2015 (http://www.australianstage.com.au/201510157484/reviews/sydney/tosca-%7C-opera-van-diemensland-sydney-independent-opera.html)