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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Cole has a big, warm, flexible voice that sounds as if it will grow ever more luxuriant. [...] The QSO could be let off the leash for Cole. [As Brünnhilde] she was tremendously appealing, full of youthful juice and an unshakeable sense of justice and destiny."

Deborah Jones, Opera Magazine, March 2024


"To witness Anna-Louise Cole's debut as Brünnhilde was something special. [...]  From her opening “Hojotohos!”, which she sang with a ringing, dashing vibrancy, Cole proved herself to be a born Brünnhilde, making a triumphant debut that was greeted with cheers, rapturous applause and a prolonged standing ovation at the Götterdämmerung curtain call, the likes of which I haven’t seen in aeons. Cole has a clear, sumptuous soprano, laced with emotive hues and textures. Her voluptuous lower register is full of warmth and depth, while her glorious top notes are thrilling. Dramatically, she allows the character’s inner feelings to be read, even if she is just standing still, listening. All of this, she used to great effect.


The conclusion of Siegfried was even more exhilarating. When Siegfried – played by the magnificent German heldentenor Stefan Vinke – awakens Brünnhilde, he and Cole raised the roof and the hairs on the back of the neck with the intensity of their spine-tingling performance.

As for Götterdämmerung, the opera requires a massive sing from Brünnhilde, requiring enormous stamina, but Cole rose to the challenge. Traversing a panoply of emotions from defiance at Waltraute’s request that she relinquish the Ring, to confusion and fury at Siegfried’s betrayal, to her final act of self-sacrifice in which she redeems the world through love, she was convincing theatrically and dazzling vocally."

Jo Litson, Limelight Magazine, 22 December 2023

"Die junge Anna-Louise Cole gab die zu ihm perfekt passende Sieglinde, die sich nach etwas verhaltenem Beginn enorm steigerte mit einem klaren frischen Sopran sowie perfekter Wortdeutlichkeit. Auch darstellerisch konnte sie stark für sich einnehmen. Sicher eine Sängerin mit großer Zukunft."

Dr Klaus Billand, Das Opern Magazin, 6 December 2023

"Cole has an attractive, sumptuous voice, with much metal, suggesting that she will be an excellent Brünnhilde in the final cycle. This is a true Wagnerian sound."

Michael Halliwell, Australian Book Review Arts, 4 December 2023

"Appearing in glittering midnight blue, outstanding Australian soprano Anna-Louise Cole gave a performance overflowing with colour, depth and expressive perfection as Venus. Vocally free-flowing and dynamic, Cole was ever-pleasing to hear and watch. And it seemed a long wait for her short but punchy Act 3 return after such a highlight she bestowed on Act 1."

Paul Selar, Australian Arts Review, 18 May 2023

"Cole made a marvellous role debut as Lady Macbeth, her powerful, luscious dramatic soprano tackling the highs and lows of this steely character with aplomb. She ...[sang] some thrilling top notes that hit the back wall of the Concert Hall with ease. ... “La luce langue” showed an equally determined persona, but with creamy, expressive phrasing. ... Her pièce de resistance, however, was in her final aria during the sleep walking scene, one of the most challenging Verdi arias for the female voice... Cole gave us some beautiful ethereal coloratura, alongside deep, throaty contralto notes that were astonishingly well managed and ravishingly sung."

Suzannah Conway, Limelight Magazine, 10 March 2023

“From the moment Cole appeared as Turandot [...], it was clear this was an exciting debut by a hugely talented young dramatic soprano... Cole has a glorious, lush voice with rich depth and warmth. Her top notes are thrilling, but she is impressive across her entire register... Cole has vocal power and clean, clear intonation but she also has an innate sense of drama so she brings emotional nuance and variation to her singing, and is convincing in her acting, exuding a strong stage presence... this particular night belonged to Anna-Louise Cole."

Jo Litson, Limelight Magazine, 14 February 2022


“It was a tremendously poised performance from this young artist, who impressed with her deep musical sensitivity, dramatic talent and mastery of her precociously powerful voice. Her voice has laser-like focus but loses none of its beauty either in solo or when it rises like a shaft of light above the ensemble, chorus and orchestra...Anna-Louise Cole is a charismatic presence on stage with a thrilling voice. Her star is one to watch. Catch it before it slips into another galaxy."

Shamistha de Soysa, Sounds Like Sydney, 16 February 2022



Bielefeld, 15 March 2024

Anna-Louise is excited to be making her debut with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Asher Fisch as Soprano 1 / Magna Peccatrix in Mahler's 8th Symphony in September 2024. 

Bielefeld, 12 March 2024

Anna-Louise is delighted to have been nominated for a Green Room Award for 'Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role' for her portrayal of Venus for Opera Australia in May 2023. Congratulations to all fellow nominees!

Bielefeld, 5 March 2024

Anna-Louise is thrilled to be joining IMG Artists for General management, working with Isabella Pitman. She is also delighted to remain with Patrick Togher Artists Management for representation in Australasia. Please see the IMGA website for further information:


Brisbane, 22 December 2023

Anna-Louise received a 12 minute standing ovation and a series of five star reviews for her debut as Brünnhilde. Please see the Review page for excerpts and links. 

Brisbane, 9 December 2023

Opera Australia's new production of the Ring has opened to rave reviews. Anna-Louise has received universal praise from critics for her role debut as Sieglinde in Die Walküre. Please see the Reviews page for detailed quotes and links. 

Brisbane, 1 June 2023

Publicity to announce the new Opera Australia Ring Cycle has been shared across many media outlets in Brisbane, and across Australia. Please see the Photos page for selected images. 

Melbourne, 28 May 2023

Rave reviews for Tannhäuser have been published across print and online media. Please see the Review page for further details. 

Brisbane, 11 March 2023

Anna-Louise is delighted to have received rave reviews for her role debut as Lady Macbeth in Verdi's Macbeth for Opera Queensland and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Please see the reviews page for excerpts and links. 

Brisbane, 6 March 2023

Anna-Louise is delighted to have been nominated for a Green Room Award for Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role for her performance as Chrysothemis in Elektra for Victorian Opera, alongside Catherine Foster and Deborah Humble in the same category, and that Elektra is also nominated for Outstanding Ensemble Performance. Congratulations to all nominees!

19 October 2022

Anna-Louise will make her role debut as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth for Opera Queensland in March 2023. Please see the Schedule page for further information. 

27 September 2022

Anna-Louise is thrilled to announce her European mainstage debut as Elsa with Teatro Communale di Bologna, as Elsa in Lohengrin. Please see the Schedule page for further information. 

16 September 2022

Anna-Louise’s debut as Chrysothemis for Victorian Opera has been met with great acclaim. Please see the Reviews page for further details. 

30 August 2022

Anna-Louise will make three significant Wagnerian role debuts for Opera Australia in 2023 - Venus in Tannhäuser, and her long-awaited debuts as Sieglinde and Brünnhilde in Wagner’s Ring:

7 March 2022

Due to a family emergency, Maestro Leonardo Sini has withdrawn from the final two performances of Turandot with Opera Australia on 10 and 14 March 2022. He will be replaced by Maestro Andrea Battistoni. Limited seats are still available via Opera Australia:

16 February 2022

Anna-Louise has received rave reviews for her debut as Turandot. Please see the Reviews page for full text and links.

9 February 2022

Anna-Louise's debut as Turandot was received with huge acclaim at the Sydney Opera House, tickets available via Opera Australia:

9 November 2021

Anna-Louise is excited to return to Victorian Opera to make her debut as Chrysothemis in Elektra in September 2022, alongside Catherine Foster in the title role, and a stellar Australian cast:

6 October 2021

Anna-Louise is thrilled to be making her title role debut at the Sydney Opera House as Turandot for Opera Australia in February - March 2022: 

22 February 2021

Opera Australia has just announced Anna-Louise will sing Sieglinde in cycles 1 and 2, and Brünnhilde in the third cycle of the Ring in Brisbane in November 2021, limited seats are still available:

January 2021

Anna-Louise has been named one of Australia’s 21 Hottest Creative Artists of 2021 by The Australian:

Anna-Louise in conversation with Lyndon Terracini for OA|TV:


Patrick Togher Artists Management (Australasia):

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